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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 8:30am to 9:45am

Lessons Learned in Leadership: Give Your Team the Edge

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Selena Delesie recognizes that highly successful teams embrace several specific principles. When every person embodies these principles, teams have people who are passionate about the work they do and who show up every day eager and ready to deliver their best. A self-admitted geek, Selena was thrilled to hear Sir Richard Branson speak live at an event last year—in-person and in the same room! She learned that his success is built on the same principles she coaches: listening deeply, believing people truly matter, having an addiction to learning, serving others, flowing through change, moving through fear, and following joy. Although these principles are seemingly generic in nature, testers can embody them in particular ways to become leaders in their organizations. To emphasize these principles, Selena shares real-life stories in leadership alongside highlights from Sir Richard. She connects each principle with practical steps you can take to gain a truly competitive edge.

Selena Delesie
Delesie Solutions

Selena Delesie is a visionary speaker, coach, and trainer who inspires people to get “lit up” from within, radiate positive energy, and empower everyone around them to step into their greatness. A successful corporate manager, consultant, and coach, Selena brings fourteen years of experience across the technology, financial, agile, software development, and testing sectors. She bridges this experience with her training in several outside-the-box modalities to support people through lasting personal transformation. Selena's clients rave about her ability to help leaders break free from traditional business practices to engage the strengths and passions of their team, and produce a highly creative, productive, and vibrant workforce. Contact Selena at