STARWEST 2017 Industry Presentation : Why is Everyone Talking About the Future of Testing?

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 1:45pm to 2:30pm

Why is Everyone Talking About the Future of Testing?

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Over the past two years, the vast majority of industry experts have felt compelled to provide their perspective on “the future of testing.” This is unprecedented. Something must have fundamentally changed to generate so much buzz…what is it?

Although some claim that these fundamental industry shifts spell the death of “testing,” we believe they open an opportunity to elevate the role of the tester. This session explores the perfect storm currently disrupting testing, how it is already impacting testers across the industry, and how the role of testing and testers can evolve from a providing “hygiene” service to a becoming business-critical protector of the user experience. We’ll cover what changes are needed to drive this transformation—from IT leaders as well as within the QA organization.

Wayne Ariola

Wayne Ariola


Known for his efforts to promote continuous testing, Wayne Ariola has contributed to the design of many innovative technologies and received several patents for his inventions. A recognized leader on topics such as service virtualization, SOA and API quality, software quality governance, and application security, Wayne is a frequent contributor to industry publications and author of Continuous Testing for IT Leaders. He has been a contributor to software testing for fifteen years and in the software industry for more than twenty.