STARWEST 2017 Concurrent Session : Testing in the Year 2020: The Erosion of Governance, Management, and Excellence

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Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Testing in the Year 2020: The Erosion of Governance, Management, and Excellence

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Competition is driving our business and IT partners to be ever more nimble. And Byron Glick and Jithesh Ramachandran say that the growing agility is eroding the old foundations of testing—test management, project governance, and centers of excellence. An organization pursuing lean startup approaches may reduce or eliminate traditional planning cycles and the related test management and governance. But all is not lost. Understanding why those foundations were effective in their time points to new foundations that will carry us forward into the new world of testing, technology, and society—in 2020 and beyond. The coordination and insight created with traditional test planning, management, and reporting are still needed, but new modes of partnership, alignment, value creation may be better fits for the way our organizations now work. Byron and Jithesh are seasoned explorers of this new, ever-changing landscape. Come join the conversation and build your own kit for finding a path forward in the absence of our most familiar landmarks.

American Family Insurance

At American Family Insurance Byron Glick is part of the I/S quality engineering team, delivering software quality assurance, people advantages, and practice transformation. His passion is helping technologists deliver greater value to their organizations and constituents. Byron led the first campus-wide ISP for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the first EDI commercial platform for Digital Equipment Corporation. His leadership has enhanced the effectiveness of technology for Boeing, ToysRUs, General Motors, Nielsen, and others.

Jithesh Ramachandran

An information technology leader at Infosys, Jithesh Ramachandran has expertise in software development, quality assurance, testing, and software process improvement in a highly matrixed and collaborative environment. He has more than seventeen years of strategic leadership experience providing technology-enabled business solutions. Jithesh has used his IT role to align with senior business and IT partners, building globally distributed cross-functional teams to deliver high quality and innovative testing solutions.