STARWEST 2017 Concurrent Session : Test Automation for Data-Centric Applications

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Test Automation for Data-Centric Applications

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Test automation, one of several key technical enablement practices, allows teams to be more successful in their agile journeys. Although there are many test practices and automation tools available for software development teams to leverage, few data-centric testing tools are targeted to data-related development and testing, leaving data warehousing and business intelligence teams thinking they can't possibly automate their tests. Cher Fox explores why test automation is important to agile data teams, discusses why they aren’t automating their tests today, and investigates the path to test automation. Cher brings these concepts to life through small-group exercises and a short demo. Leave knowing that a lack of vendor-supported tools is not the issue. If you roll up your sleeves and develop good testing practices and procedures, you can easily start automating those practices and procedures—using the tools and development languages that you already have.

Cher Fox
Fox Consulting

Cher Fox (@TheDatanista) brings thirty years of experience as a solution architect, developer, tester, and analyst for business intelligence, data warehouse, and software development industries. Her experience includes more than twenty-five years of training corporate users on IT applications and business processes. A board member for the Colorado Chapter of TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute), Cher is active in the SQL community, collaborating at local SQL Saturdays, SQL Server and Power BI user groups, PASS Summits, and BA conferences. Cher enjoys sharing her expertise via local, national, and international speaking engagements. Reach Cher at [email protected], Fox Consulting, and at LinkedIn.