STARWEST 2017 Concurrent Session : Say Goodbye to Flaky Selenium Tests

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Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

Say Goodbye to Flaky Selenium Tests

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Selenium has an industry reputation of being a “flaky” tool where individual tests pass, then fail—sometimes with no production changes at all. Such flakiness in your test suites can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and frustrating to debug. The vast majority of these issues stem from using either bad locators or bad wait conditions. But both of these root causes can be addressed by implementing the right framework for your Selenium tests. Craig Schwarzwald shares the most important concepts in creating such a Selenium framework. He has proved that using a framework containing a Base Page Object that wraps core Selenium methods will produce a number of significant benefits to Selenium suites. Explore how having a single place to perform logging and error handling of core Selenium functions—as well as implementing easy uses for explicit waits—will solve nearly all Selenium flakiness issues in your test suites. Plus, you benefit from making your tests easy to create, read, and maintain over the long term.


Craig Schwarzwald has more than a decade of professional scripting and automation experience. For the past six years he has focused on creating and maintaining the Selenium framework used by hundreds of testers, developers, and automation engineers at a large financial organization. Widely regarded as his company’s Selenium expert, Craig holds weekly “office hours” sessions to supply solutions to teams’ most difficult Selenium-based challenges. He teaches a two-day Selenium course to new automation engineers looking to learn Selenium. In his spare time, Craig enjoys bowling, playing softball, and having passionate discussions about Selenium, test automation, and any other Shift Left related topics. Follow Craig on Twitter @AutomationCraig.