STARWEST 2017 Concurrent Session : How Do I Get a Cool Job Like Yours? A Career Map for Testers

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Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

How Do I Get a Cool Job Like Yours? A Career Map for Testers

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When people hear about my past jobs, my career, and the many places I “work” (at foreign conferences and even on ski lifts), I often get the question “How do I get your job?” However, when people hear some of the details of my career, their reaction is “Gee, that’s a lot of work!” Well, yes, but that does not mean that hard work is not fun. Jon Hagar presents a career map that contains his secrets to getting, keeping, and growing in the fun and exciting career of software testing. These include getting started with learning, seeking challenges, sustaining passion, finding discipline(s), and pursuing happiness—all while building broader testing skills. People want socialization in work, play, and home. Jon presents the fulfilling and practical sides of testing with passionate stories from his more than thirty-five years in software. Learn how to grow, create a career map, and become more productive—while enjoying the challenging work that is software testing.

Grand Software Testing

Jon Hagar is a systems software engineer and testing consultant, supporting software product integrity and verification and validation (V&V), with a specialization in mobile and embedded software system testing. For more than thirty years, Jon has worked in software testing and engineering projects. He authored Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices; consults, presents, teaches, and writes regularly in many forums on software testing and V&V; and is lead editor/author on committees including OMG UTP model-based test standard, IEEE 1012 V&V plans, and ISO/IEEE/IEC 29119 software test standard. Contact Jon at [email protected].