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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Design for Testability in Practice

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With the drive for continuous integration and delivery, the implications and approaches for designing more testable software are receiving substantial discussion and debate. What does testability really mean in practice? How do you take the idea of testability—how easy it is to test software—and put it into action through the different dimensions of designing and testing a real world product? Nir Szilagyi recognizes that the challenges of difficult-to-test software can transform a testing cycle from a small automation and exploratory effort to a long struggle of test preparation, execution, and debugging. He says testability starts with software design, goes through implementation, and encompasses building modular software, abstraction, simplicity, clear data interface, separation of business logic into self-sustained entities, and more. On the technical side of testability, Nir explores ways quality engineers and leaders can influence testability from early development through deployment. From his experiences he shares real-life testability examples which touch on the human process of building software including the relationship between testers and developers.


Senior quality engineering manager Nir Szilagyi brings more than sixteen years of experience to the risk platform engineering team he leads at PayPal. Previously at eBay, he led the products platform quality engineering team in Israel and US. In both companies, Nir led the team transformation from a classic advisory group to an agile engineering team, focusing on quality throughout the product development lifecycle. Passionate about automation and testing smarter, Nir believes that agility, engineering solutions for quality, influencing testability, and open communication drive organizations forward. Nir had been involved in shaping eBay's test automation framework and is leading the development of similar quality initiatives at PayPal.