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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Agile Testing for Embedded and IoT Software Development

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Much of the success of agile adoptions is due to the automated testing approach used in agile projects. Because many of these techniques were pioneered in the development of web applications, it can be difficult to see how these techniques can be leveraged for a project where software is being built for an embedded or Internet of Things (IoT) application. Thomas Stiehm describes ways to leverage agile testing techniques for embedded systems. Whether you are building a medical device, embedded controller, or IoT device, learn how to leverage these testing practices to create fully automated tests that fit into a DevOps build pipeline and help your team create higher-quality, more reliable software. Test automation, the best way to maintain and execute a comprehensive suite of regression tests, allows you to maintain control of your testing process while increasing test coverage. Join Thomas to see how you can take control of your test process by stepping up your test automation to the next level.

Coveros, Inc.

Thomas Stiehm has been developing applications and managing software development teams for eighteen years. As CTO of Coveros, he is responsible for the oversight of all technical projects and integrating new technologies and application security practices into software development projects. Most recently, Thomas has been focusing on how to incorporate DevOps best practices into distributed agile development projects using cloud-based solutions and how to achieve a balance between team productivity and cost while mitigating project risks. Previously, as a managing architect involved in agile development at Digital Focus, Thomas found that agile is the only development methodology that makes the business reality of constant change central to the development process.