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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Continuous Delivery

Test Strategies for Continuous Delivery Prior Year Content

Classic testing methods and tools can’t keep pace with agile development practices and emerging continuous delivery models. Melvin Laguren describes how Macy's Ecommerce Merchant System uses a variety of tools to support its rapid delivery pipeline. A code coverage tool such as Karma determines if they need additional tests or if the existing tests provide satisfactory coverage. Using data analysis tools such as Code Maat with source code control, they have a robust approach to improve the code review process and easily identify necessary file changes to prevent issues in production. By incorporating these two tools, Melvin’s team members get real-time informative feedback that helps them make better testing decisions within their continuous delivery pipeline. Testers, developers, and all stakeholders have easy access to a dashboard reporting tool that showcases findings from unit, functional, and performance testing. Join Melvin to explore new tools and practices you can implement to smooth the road to continuous delivery in your systems.

Melvin Laguren
Melvin Laguren, Wrap Media

For over 15 years, Melvin Laguren has focused on testing applications in industries like pharmaceutical, identity management, and eCommerce.  At Macy's, he was involved in many of the continuous delivery pipeline initiatives taking on the additional role of DevOps and Automation Architect.  Now as the QA Automation Lead for Wrap Media, LLC, he is taking his experience in DevOps and Test Automation to design the next generation CD pipeline for Wrap Media's proprietory Platform which relies heavily on mobile.  In addition to hosting the Test Fanatics Meetup, he

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