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Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Test Automation

MetaAutomation: Five Patterns for Test Automation Prior Year Content

A huge gap exists between conventional results in test automation and the potential value that automation can bring to software quality. Matt Griscom presents an effective way to achieve that value with the MetaAutomation pattern language—fast, scalable, and reliable automation. MetaAutomation’s artifacts contain focused, structured information to make results immediately actionable, informative for the entire product team, and available for robust analysis. With these patterns, quality information automatically goes to the people who need to know. With a complete implementation, false positives and false negatives don’t interrupt people’s work. Manual testing is accelerated and focused—not confused by the false promise of automated manual tests. Learn the five patterns of MetaAutomation—Atomic Check, Precondition Pool, Parallel Run, Smart Retry, and Automated Triage. Join Matt to explore the nature and importance of MetaAutomation to software quality, and take away tips for quickly improving automation projects.

Matt Griscom

Matt Griscom has twenty years of experience creating software including innovative test automation, harnesses, and frameworks. Two degrees in physics primed him to seek the big picture in any setting. This comprehensive vision and love of solving difficult and important problems led him to create the MetaAutomation pattern language to enable more effective software automation for quality measurement. He started his MetaAutomation blog in 2011, but in 2014 Matt published the ground-breaking and definitive description of the MetaAutomation pattern language in book form. Matt loves helping people solve problems with computers and IT. Email Matt at [email protected].

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