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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 8:30am - 12:00pm
Half-day Tutorials

How Testers Master Github and Git Prior Year Content

Github, the new business card for professionals working with software, enables anyone to contribute to existing projects and create new projects. That's why interviewers look to Github to gauge a potential hire's creativity, popularity, capability, and tenacity. To collaborate with developers, today’s testers need Github. Source code for most open source projects is stored on That's where issues are filed. Project documents are written within Github as plain-text marked up with formatting codes, and then processed into html for display on Join Wilson Mar as he examines the major Github repositories testers are expected to know. In this hands-on tutorial, learn special tips testers use to markup text and raise issues. Gain skill at commenting and editing test code increasingly mingled among procedural code. Learn to fork repositories and pull them into a Git client; then using the appropriate text editor, compare changes, add, commit, and push code back into Github for developers to pull.

Note: Delegates are strongly encouraged to bring a Windows or Mac computer to this tutorial.


Wilson Mar
Wilson Mar, Results Positive

Wilson Mar has been building and bringing enterprise applications to market on all major enterprises—from mobile to mainframe clouds—as an architect, developer, performance tester, and manager. His website ( provides concise, in-depth advice on leading technologies, especially on LoadRunner and performance engineering.

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