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Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Industry Technical Presentations

How to Author an Automation Framework using Xamarin Test Cloud Prior Year Content

Xamarin Test Cloud ensures your apps look, behave and perform well on thousands of real devices, operating systems, screens and resolutions. Xamarin Test Cloud works for any native or hybrid app built in any language. The service makes it easy to automate UI testing, and delivers easy-to-use test results in minutes. Integrate Xamarin Test Cloud into your continuous integration processes to ensure that every release is a high quality release.

This session will focus on increasing the amount of devices you can use for functional testing which enables you to deploy new features much faster. You will shorten the testing process using real world mobile device coverage and easy automation tools. Regardless if you are beginner or a seasoned mobile developer, you will deploy apps that users love. Join us to enhance your skills and expertise with automation.

Adam Barlow
Adam Barlow, Xamarin Inc.

Adam Barlow is at the forefront of Xamarin. As a Xamarin Test Cloud Engineer, Adam provides automation demonstrations in C# and in Ruby and technical support to customers through automation framework architecture consultations. Before joining Xamarin he engineered solutions for a digital asset management company. Adam's enthusiasm for higher quality solution-based technology led him to Xamarin.

Adam enjoys every opportunity to meet face to face and engage the community. Adam lives in San Francisco and enjoys hiking, gaming, and music.

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