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Measurement and Metrics


TI Measurement and Metrics for Test Management SOLD OUT
Rick Craig, TechWell Corp.
Tue, 09/29/2015 - 8:30am

To be most effective, test managers must develop and use metrics to help direct the testing effort and make informed recommendations about the software’s release readiness and associated risks. Because one important testing activity is to “measure” the quality of the software, test managers must measure the results of both the development and testing processes. Collecting, analyzing, and using metrics are complicated because many developers and testers are concerned that the metrics will be used against them. Join Rick Craig as he addresses common metrics—measures of product quality, defect removal efficiency, defect density, defect arrival rate, and testing status. Learn the guidelines for developing a test measurement program, rules of thumb for collecting data, and ways to avoid “metrics dysfunction.” Rick identifies several metrics paradigms and discusses the pros and cons of each.

Note: Delegates are urged to bring their metrics problems and issues for use as discussion points.


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Concurrent Sessions

W7 Snappy Visualizations for Communicating Test Results
Thomas Vaniotis, Liquidnet
Wed, 09/30/2015 - 1:45pm

Do you struggle to find the best words to explain testing coverage and status to your stakeholders? Do numbers and metrics make your stakeholders' eyes glaze over? Do you feel dirty giving metrics that you know are going to be abused? Words and numbers are powerful, but Thomas Vaniotis says that good visualizations can amplify their power and effectively communicate to busy or visually-oriented stakeholders. Learn a number of simple visualizations that you—even with few artistic skills—can create inexpensively. Take back visual tools for communicating testing status and product quality, working through test planning and management, discussing risk, and ideas to combine them into compound visualizations. Thomas demonstrates the use of these snappy visuals in real-world contexts and warns of some of their pitfalls. In most cases, the tools won't be special software but regular office supplies like markers, sticky notes, graph paper, walls—and a bit of creativity.

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T5 Quality Index: A Composite Metric for the Voice of Testing
Nirav Patel, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Sutharson Veeravalli, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Thu, 10/01/2015 - 9:45am

It is quite possible that you are spending a considerable amount of your time as a QA manager making sense of the multitude of metrics reported by your teams, connecting the facts, understanding the underlying reality, and articulating it to your peers and leadership. Still, others in the organization may not interpret the message correctly, rendering most of your efforts futile. Nirav Patel and Sutharson Veeravalli share insights to help you resolve this challenge through a composite measure called Quality Index. By aligning metrics to business outcomes and using Quality Index as a tool of articulation, disparate interpretation of data can be eliminated and a cohesive message delivered to stakeholders. Learn how QA can acquire a voice across the senior forums by articulating succinct, contextual, and actionable information to speed up executive decisions in the course of programs and projects.

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