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Agile Development

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W4 Agile Is Changing the Face of Software Testing
Harini Gupta, Microsoft
Wed, 09/30/2015 - 11:30am

In this changing world of software development processes, where does software testing stand? How can we adapt our testing methodologies to keep pace with rapid development processes? Agile testing is a paradigm shift and is one of the challenges that teams face when transitioning from a traditional testing model to agile. Harini Gupta explores different agile methodologies that are used in large software development programs across Microsoft to promote software agility. Harini shares her own experiences with agile software testing methodologies including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and the ability to enable or disable features by configuration settings. Harini talks about validating features with unit/integration testing in production,flighting (aka A/B testing), metrics analysis, and how to validate the health of features on a live site by synthetic transactions and availability testing. Join Harini for this eye-opening session on how agile teams at Microsoft test today.

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