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Bonus Sessions

B1 Service Virtualization in Action: How Alaska Airlines tests for snow storms in July
Wayne Ariola, Parasoft
Ryan Papineau, Alaska Airlines
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 7:15am - 8:15am

Why did Alaska Airlines receive J.D. Powers' “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” recognition for 8 years straight, plus the “#1 on-time major North American Carrier” award for the last 5 years? A large part of the credit belongs to their software testing team's proactive approach to disrupting the traditional software testing process. The team uses advanced test automation in concert with service virtualization to rigorously test their complex flight operations management application, which interacts with myriad dependent systems (fuel, passenger, crew, cargo, baggage, aircraft, and more).

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With the advent of Digital Reimagination™, there is an increased need for faster go-to-market with zero compromise on quality and customer experience. Approaches such as DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery are aimed to achieve these objectives. However, it is a daunting and challenging task for the Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing functions to achieve these objective. QA and Testing functions need to reimagine themselves to play an instrumental role of influencing the product delivery and customer experience.

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B3 The Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST)
John McConda, Moser Consulting
Griffin Jones, Congruent Compliance
Friday, October 2, 2015 - 8:30am - 4:30pm

Join us at The Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST)—a free, full-day bonus session held on Friday after the conference concludes. A unique peer workshop, WREST is dedicated to improving the practice of testing regulated systems. We define regulated software as any system that is subject to an internal or external review.

WREST relies on its attendees to make the workshop a success. There are no formal presentations, only experience reports with plenty of time designated for facilitated discussion. We hope to learn from each other by hearing the success and (especially!) failure stories of real practitioners who test regulated software. Have a problem you want input on solving? You can bring that to the workshop as well—just be prepared to participate! WREST is hosted by John McConda and Griffin Jones.

NOTE: Limited seats are available. Reserve your seat when you register online for the conference or by contacting the Client Support Group at 888.268.8770 or [email protected].

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