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SQE/TechWell Press Room
Many companies work in the software industry, from development firms to software vendors...from upstarts to the well-known software giants. At SQE/TechWell, we have one simple niche: We help all of these companies refine the methods they use to improve their testing and development processes—and thereby the products that they produce.

About SQE/TechWell
Software Quality Engineering (SQE)/TechWell delivers training, support, research, and publications to software managers, developers, test professionals, and quality engineers worldwide. Since 1986, we have been at the forefront of software quality improvement technology and were instrumental in setting the stage for the software industry to view testing as a distinct discipline. Today, SQE/TechWell is a resource relied upon by the Fortune 1000 companies. We also produce some of the industry's highest-rated publications—Better Software magazine,,, and

SQE/TechWell's hands-on experience and training expertise help companies—large and small—improve their processes, gain measurable control over software projects, and deliver better software with a higher ROI. With an experienced team of associates, field-proven methodologies, an array of international conferences, training courses, consulting services, and specialized publications and research.

Our Products

  • International Conferences—SQE/TechWell has built its reputation by producing the best conference programs in the business. These events feature real-world techniques and strategies from leading software organizations, practical insight from industry experts, as well as the knowledge and support gained through peer-based networking. Our six annual conferences include the Agile Development series, the Better Software Conference series, the DevOps Conference series, the STAR series, and Mobile Dev + Test.
  • Training—SQE/TechWell is one of the world's largest providers of software improvement training through SQE Training. We provide the industry’s best resources to help organizations meet their software testing, development, management, and requirements training needs. SQE Training provides a wide selection of specialized classroom-style courses that deliver field-proven techniques for producing high-quality software. These courses are developed and delivered by industry experts who have years of specialized experience, covering techniques used by top software organizations worldwide.
  • Better Software magazine—It's project management, measurement and metrics, design and architecture, test and evaluation. It's agile methods, plan-driven and requirements-driven processes, software process improvement, business value, and ROI, as well as coverage on emerging technologies. It’s special reports, salary surveys, and a steady stream of ideas for software professionals focused on quality.
  •—The most comprehensive online resource for helping you produce better software, offers an unrivaled scope of original articles from industry experts, technical papers, industry news, searchable tools and books guides, discussion forums, and much more.
  • Consulting—SQE/TechWell associates specialize in management consulting focused on software quality and testing issues and challenges. Every associate provides a tailored approach to support the unique needs of your software organization. All associates are recognized in the industry for years of hands-on management consulting experience, book publishing, and as course and seminar developers and instructors. Our associates bring credibility and leadership to your organization’s efforts while working side by side with your staff to implement practical solutions to your software challenges.
  • Reference Books—SQE/TechWell has published acclaimed reference books addressing the most sought-after topics in software testing.

Expert Advice
All SQE/TechWell consultants have more than twenty years of experience in the software industry. Their vast knowledge of quality software development, combined with their knowledge of the software industry in general, make each of our consultants a potentially valuable source for story ideas, research, or feature articles.

Attending SQE/TechWell Events
Attending a SQE/TechWell conference provides members of the press with valuable resources to learn about software testing and development.

  • Meet with international software testing, quality assurance, management, and developers
  • View demonstrations of the latest advances in software for software testing, quality assurance, management, measurement, and development at our conference expos
  • Attend the same featured sessions as your potential audience

Press passes are offered to contributing writers who have the required credentials and who will be writing about a SQE/TechWell conference event. All press personnel must be prequalified and preregistered.

  • A press pass admits working media—free of charge—to all exhibits, keynotes, conference sessions, lunches, special events, and press-only events, Wednesday through Thursday.
  • Working press also receive a conference bag.

Because we incur considerable costs on a press delegate's behalf, we request that any cancellation of a press registration be given at least five (5) days in advance.

To apply for a press pass to a SQE/TechWell conference event, please contact our Client Support Group 904.278.0524 or 888.268.8770 or email [email protected]. To request the SQE/TechWell media kit, please click here.