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Premkumar Balasubramanian

Cognizant Technologies
Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 7:15am
Bonus Session
Service Virtualization and Continuous Integration - sponsored by Cognizant

Join this unique breakfast bonus session featuring speakers Kannan Subramaniam, VP, TQM, Comcast, and Premkumar Balasubramanian, Sr. Director, E&A, Cognizant Technologies.

Agile development is frequented with challenges of enabling different channel's/teams to develop approaches that eliminates any constraints of the services being produced and consumed. Today’s business needs to deliver agility necessitates the need for closer integration by breaking the Chinese wall across SDLC phases and enabling IT partners to collaborate.  In the quest of sustained improvement and for effective removal of inefficiencies within IT services “Service Virtualization and Continuous Integration” is a concept that brings in ability to crunch the process, increase interoperability, reduces cost of ownership and help organizations to deploy changes to their products daily to continually improve their customer experience by building blocks for continuous delivery.