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Martin Nilsson

House of Test

As a result of a mistake, Martin Nilsson started his career in Test working with mobile platforms. Martin says this mistake was the best one he has made in his professional life because testing suited his temperament perfectly. Several years later he joined the Swedish firm House of Test Consulting where he still works today. After a stint in the telecom industry, Martin became a performance test consultant for a shipping company. He then changed assignments to consult as an exploratory tester for a company in the business intelligence business and today consults as a project test manager for that same company. Follow Martin on Twitter @MartinNilsson8.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 1:45pm
Personal Excellence
Adventures of a Social Tester

If we know that good co-worker relationships can positively impact our success, why don’t we take a systematic approach to relationship building? Martin Nilsson shares how building personal relationships has helped develop his personal competency. Even though Martin’s technical skills are high, his greatest successes as a tester have come from his ability to build relationships. He shares how a focused effort at building rapport resulted in greater cooperation. When he was mistaken for a test lead during a project, Martin learned that having coffee with someone can trump an email. Today, to understand the systems with which he works, he uses tools that map team members and their interactions. Martin shares how he applied those tools as a project test manager to understand the situation of a group of test leads and managers and remedy the problems that were keeping them from working together effectively.