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Costa Avradopoulos

Capgemini Consulting

The mobile testing practice leader for Capgemini, Costa Avradopoulos is a thought leader in software development—from requirements to delivery. With more than twenty-five years of experience, Costa has taken on roles of development, QA, automation, product management, VP, and CTO, and managed systems with 15 million users in telecommunications, financial, wireless, transportation, and retail. He has devoted much of his career to the mobility space, culminating in a patented invention in mobile technology. As a trusted advisor, he enjoys transforming organizations by creating winning mobile strategies to develop superior applications. Costa is writing a book, Winning Mobile Strategies—Bridging the Quality Gap.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 11:15am
Mobile Testing
Bridging the Gap in Mobile App Quality

Today, an alarming 65 percent of mobile apps—more than 1.3 million—have a 1-star rating or less. Why? The majority of development organizations have neither the right processes nor access to the devices required to properly test mobile applications. If not addressed, these deficiencies will have a major impact on the quality of the apps the organization develops. In addition, users are intolerant of problems and quick to switch to competing apps. Costa Avradopoulos explores how to address the unique challenges of mobile testing, starting with adopting the right test strategy. Costa describes the top challenge test leaders face today―how to design a proper test lab, given thousands of unique mobile devices. Costa shares insight into choosing the right devices to optimize test coverage and reduce risks. He also shows you how to leverage existing tools and evaluate automation options to keep your team current with the faster pace of mobility.