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Monday, October 13, 2014 - 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Half-day Tutorials

Test Automation Patterns: Issues and SolutionsSOLD OUT

Automating system level test execution can result in many problems. It is surprising to find that many people encounter the same problems yet are unaware of common solutions that worked well for others. These problem/solution pairs are called “patterns.” Seretta Gamba recognized the commonality of these test automation issues and their solutions and, together with Mark Fewster, has organized them into Test Automation Patterns. Although unit test patterns are well known, Seretta’s and Mark’s patterns address more general issues. They cover management, process, design, and execution patterns to help you recognize common test automation issues and show you how to identify appropriate patterns to solve the problems. Issues such as No Previous Automation, High ROI Expectations, and High Test Maintenance Cost are addressed by patterns such as Maintainable Testware, Tool Independence, and Management Support.

Bring your laptop to gain access to an offline version of the wiki during the tutorial.

Seretta Gamba, Steria Mummert ISS GmbH

Seretta Gamba has more than thirty years’ experience in software development and testing. As test manager at Steria Mummert ISS GmbH, Seretta was charged with improving their test automation process. After studying other strategies, she developed command-driven testing and a supporting framework. Seretta presented an enhancement to the framework that enabled the test automation team to “harvest” test case information by supporting manual testing.

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Mark Fewster, Grove Software Testing Ltd.

Mark Fewster has more than thirty years of experience in software testing ranging from test management to test techniques and test automation. For the past two decades, Mark has provided consultancy and training in software testing, published papers, and co-authored Software Test Automation and Experiences of Test Automation with Dorothy Graham. A popular speaker at conferences worldwide, Mark has won the Mercury BTO Innovation in Quality Award. He is currently helping ISTQB define the expert level certification for test automation.

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