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Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Test Techniques

Speed Up Testing with Monitoring Tools

The software development lifecycle is a pretty complex process in many organizations. However, by using monitoring tools and methodologies, you can accelerate testing and release higher quality code―the cornerstone of rapid software delivery. These tools provide immediate feedback with actionable information so you can address problems as they are detected instead of waiting until the end of a testing cycle. Earlier detection, combined with tests that are a better representation of production workloads, are key to releasing better code, faster. Jim Hirschauer shows how to use monitoring software to make a major impact during development, test, and production. He describes typical use cases for server monitoring, log monitoring, and application performance monitoring. Learn about open source testing tools including Siege, Multi-Mechanize, and Bees with Machine Guns. Understand how to use each of these tools and more in development, test, and production as well as creating a feedback loop that drives continuous improvement.

Jim Hirschauer, AppDynamics

Technology evangelist for AppDynamics, Jim Hirschauer has an extensive background in highly available, business critical, large enterprise IT operations environments. Jim has been interested in application performance testing and monitoring since his days as a systems administrator in a retail bank. His passion for performance analysis led him down a path to design, implement, and manage the cloud computing monitoring architecture for a top-ten investment bank.

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