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Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 11:15am - 12:15pm
Test Management

Leading Internationally-Distributed Test Teams

Are you employing your offshore test team to its best advantage—gaining the cost savings and test coverage you expected? Unless correct management methodologies are in place, you will lose rather than gain both time and money with internationally-distributed testers. If you are thinking you can go offshore with minimal effort, think again. Distributed test leadership and management issues apply when working with third-party firms, a subsidiary, or even your own employees. Don’t let unrealistic expectations impact your career or your company’s goals. Learn methodologies such as site mirroring, managing Scrum of Scrum meetings, and the value of physical presence. Become aware of labor laws and cultural differences. Ensure the best selection of employees at offshore sites. If you want to successfully manage your distributed international teams and avoid the pitfalls that plague many firms, join Dennis Pikora as he discusses the methodologies that enabled the efficiency of his worldwide teams.

Dennis Pikora, Symantec

Whether creating test teams for startups or upgrading existing teams at larger corporations, Dennis Pikora creates a unique test and quality culture for each. Dennis focuses on customer expectations and the well-managed delivery of products within their schedules. With the passion acquired in his thirty-one years in the industry, he deftly navigates the pitfalls of development, test, and customer needs.

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