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Adopting Agile Practices

Concurrent Sessions

W1 Building Quality In: Adopting the Tester’s Mindset
Stephen Vance, Stellar Advances
Wed, 10/15/2014 - 11:30am

When trying to improve the development process, agile and lean transformations often start by focusing on engineering. Product management and development get a lot of attention; however, tester is not one of the defined Scrum roles. Despite the attention given to automated tests in agile, many transformations seem lost in knowing how to engage testers—and testers struggle to find their place.

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W13 The Test Manager’s Role in Agile: Balancing the Old and the New
Mary Thorn, ChannelAdvisor
Wed, 10/15/2014 - 3:00pm

What do test managers do? In traditional organizations, they assign people to projects, oversee the testers’ progress, provide feedback, and perhaps offer coaching to people who want it. Test managers are the go-to people when you don't know how to do something—not because they know, but because they know who does know. How does that change with a transition to agile? Do we still need test managers? As one who has successfully made the transition from traditional to agile test manager, Mary Thorn shares keys to the transition.

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W16 Your Team’s Not Agile If You’re Not Doing Agile Testing
Jeanne Schmidt, Rural Sourcing, Inc.
Wed, 10/15/2014 - 3:00pm

Many organizations adopt agile software development processes, yet they do not adopt agile testing processes. Then they fall into the trap of having development sprints that are just a set of mini-waterfall cycles. Some software developers still feel they can work more quickly if they let QA test after code is completed. Jeanne Schmidt identifies simple ways to get your team to adopt agile testing methods. Embracing agile testing requires you to change processes, responsibilities, and team organization.

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