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Zhimin Zhan

AgileWay Pty Ltd

Principal test automation and continuous integration coach at AgileWay, Zhimin Zhan has more than seventeen years of experience in designing, programming, and testing software. Since Zhimin’s interests in test automation began in 2006, he has successfully implemented and coached test automation in a number of projects. He is well known as the creator of TestWise, a functional testing IDE that supports the open-source test frameworks Watir and Selenium, and a pioneer for introducing and implementing functional test refactoring. Zhimin presents at international software testing conferences on topics of test automation and continuous integration. He is the author of the Practical Web Test Automation. Learn more about Zhimin’s work at

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 9:45am
Test Automation
Refactoring Automated Functional Tests

Regarded as one of the most important advances in software development, code refactoring is a disciplined technique to improve the design, readability, and maintainability of source code. You can learn to apply the same refactoring concepts to automated functional test scripts. Zhimin Zhan introduces functional test refactoring, a simple and highly effective approach to refine and maintain automated test scripts.