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Robert Goetz

Kaiser Permanente

With more than twenty years of leadership experience in all aspects of IT, Bob Goetz has focused on leading QA organizations for the last several years. As part of this, Bob has led the testing of several mega programs—more than $500 million. The first mega program turned Bob’s hair grey as he gained the experience to survive and thrive. That multi-year effort implemented new core business software while transforming business processes and introducing new products to the market. Bob currently leads a software testing group within the information technology team that focuses on testing health insurance systems at Kaiser Permanente.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 1:45pm
Test Management
Key Strategies to Survive the Mega Test Program

Sometime in your career as a test manager, you’ll be assigned to lead the effort for a program so large that the CEO and board of directors monitor it. These are programs that bet the organization’s future and come with a high degree of risk, visibility, pressure, and fixed deadlines. Internal audit and external third-party reviews become de rigueur. Your upstream partners—analysis, design, development, and suppliers—all appear (at least to you) to miss their deadlines with no apparent consequences.