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Harish Krishnankutty

Infosys Limited

Currently leading the test consulting practice at Infosys Limited, Harish Krishnankutty has spent more than a decade evangelizing, advocating, and championing QA and testing in large business organizations. Harish has scripted, directed, and taken the roles of pilot, co-pilot, coach, foot soldier, and occasional villain (for the quality averse) in several successful—and not-so-successful—QA transformation stories played at banks, manufacturers, asset managers, and apparel retailers, to name a few. Whatever the outcome, Harish develops long term relationships with his clients, partnering to help improve their QA practice. Reach Harish on LinkedIn or at [email protected].

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 1:30pm
Test Management
Swimming with the Salmon: Lessons in Moving Quality Upstream

Having difficulties getting your organization to recognize the value of QA? Is your “salmon team” losing to currents that impede continuous improvement and strategic planning? Colleen Kirtland and Harish Krishnankutty share their two-year uphill struggle to elevate QA to the position of trusted business partner. Move QA upstream before testing begins by aligning requirements to a business capability model (BCM). Translate the BCM model into key implementation assets with story maps.