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Gowri Selka

Walgreen Co

Gowri Selka, is a Senior Director of Quality Assurance & Engineering in the Pharmacy, Health & Wellness division in Walgreens. Her experience includes setting up a scalable, innovative best in class TCOE that serves multiple lines of businesses accountable for producing $50B revenue annually. Gowri holds patents in healthcare industry, and understands the complexities in delivering successful programs in large organizations. Her teams of 240 people deliver various testing services, such as Functional, Test architecture, Test data management, SOA, Automation and Performance engineering in an optimized manner through an effective operational model. The successful implementation of shift-left approach, non-traditional automation and application virtualization through collaboration with development teams has enabled Walgreen to achieve multi-million dollars of savings. Gowri is passionate to build Quality Assurance organizations with strong principles to partner with stakeholders, implement continuous improvements and improve technical capabilities.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 6:30pm
Bonus Session
Rethink Software Test Strategy in Rapidly Changing Environments

Applying Shift-left QA strategy with a focus on service virtualization, early automation, and continuous integration. In a recent survey to 300+ organizations, 97% of senior IT Executives said they are increasing investments on early testing, and 63% of IT managers reported that a lack of collaboration between QA and development has increased their project risks.