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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Test Techniques

Data Warehouse Testing: It’s All about the Planning

Today’s data warehouses are complex and contain heterogeneous data from many different sources. Testing these warehouses is complex, requiring exceptional human and technical resources. So how do you achieve the desired testing success? Geoff Horne believes that it is through test planning that includes technical artifacts such as data models, business rules, data mapping documents, and data warehouse loading design logic. Wayne shares planning checklists, a test plan outline, concepts for data profiling, and methods for data verification. He demonstrates how to effectively create a test strategy to discover empty fields, missing records, truncated data, duplicate records, and incorrectly applied business rules—all of which can dramatically impact the usefulness of the data warehouse. Learn common pitfalls, which can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, when test planning shortcuts are taken. If you work in an environment that often performs data warehouse testing without proper planning and technical skills, this session is for you.

Geoff Horne, NZTester Magazine

Geoff Horne has an extensive background in test program/project directorship and management, architecture, and general consulting. In New Zealand Geoff established and ran ISQA as a testing consultancy which enjoys a local and international clientele in Australia, the US, and the United Kingdom. He has held senior test management roles across a number of diverse industry sectors, and is editor and publisher of the recently launched NZTester magazine. Geoff has authored a variety of white papers on software testing and is a regular speaker at the STAR conferences.

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