STAREAST 2024 Keynote : Supercharge Your Confidence As a Tester in the DevOps and AI Era

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Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Supercharge Your Confidence As a Tester in the DevOps and AI Era

In software development, particularly in the DevOps and AI era, the role of a tester is both crucial and challenging. WE need to aim to empower testers with strategies to excel in this environment, ensuring they deliver the highest quality applications. In this keynote, you will learn how to manage expectations and instill confidence in your team along the software delivery process. Join Lisette to explore effective communication techniques with stakeholders, establishing trust and demonstrating value from the project's inception. Discover how to continuously leverage key performance indicators to elevate product quality and align with user needs. It is important to understand how artificial intelligence can be a game-changer in testing, enhancing productivity, and forecasting potential issues. Get equipped with actionable insights and tools to bolster your confidence in software delivery and DevOps processes. Finally, leave with the knowledge to drive success in your current projects as well as shape the future trajectory of your organization's software testing practices.

Lisette Zounon
Zsquare Solutions Inc.

Lisette Zounon is an accomplished tech executive, serial entrepreneur, and quality engineering leader with two decades of experience helping people and companies improve the quality of their applications with solid tools, a simple process, and a smart team. She firmly believes that industry best practices, including implementing agile methodologies, DevOps practices, and leveraging Artificial Intelligence are invaluable to the success of any software delivery. Lisette was responsible for leading and managing high-performing quality and DevOps teams throughout all phases of the software development testing cycle; ensuring that all information systems, products, and services meet or exceed organization and industry quality standards as well as end-users requirements. She is a constant champion of advocating for best practices in QA and the transformative use of AI to reimagine DevOps efficiency and client satisfaction. Lisette has worked extensively with Fortune 100 technology companies, startups, and not-for-profits in the e-commerce, cloud services, telecommunications, finance, IoT, AI, and Robotics industries.