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Bring a Large Group and Get VIP Treatment at STAREAST



The STAREAST program committee has focused on building a program that offers  tracks and content throughout the in-depth tutorials and conference sessions for a mix of all skill levels and roles. Whether you are looking to bring a mix of leaders and team members, beginners and experienced practitioners, manual and automated testers, or software developers in test (SDETs) and traditional testers, your whole testing organization can attend this industry-leading event and find something in each time slot for their job role. There's also an entire track of collaborative sessions to discuss testing challenges and solutions with your peers and testing experts. Sessions and networking events provide ample opportunities to talk about your specific testing issues and find out how other delegates and experts have solved them (or what they tried that didn't work).  


Team members just starting out with testing can learn:



Experienced team members, test managers, and leaders can explore:


  • Manual testing techniques
  • Test automation techniques
  • Testing in the context of DevOps
  • Test management
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Performance reviews and culture shaping
  • Testing mobile applications
  • Security testing throughout the software lifecycle
  • Leading test teams
  • Performance testing techniques
  • Improving tester soft skills
  • How to effect change within your test organization
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Leveraging AI in testing


Groups of 6+ can enhance their conference experience with our complimentary STAREAST VIP Program.


What is the STAREAST VIP Program?

The STAREAST VIP Program maximizes your team’s STAREAST conference experience by helping you plan out your conference experience, gain exclusive VIP access to testing experts, and network with STAREAST keynote & session speakers.

This free service is available to groups of 6+ by sending a request to our client support team for a STAREAST VIP Program Information Sheet. Already signed up for STAREAST with less than 6 people? Contact client support to bump your participation up to 6+ and qualify for this special program.

What does the STAREAST VIP Program offer?

  • A welcome gift from the STAREAST staff.
  • A special VIP reception where your group will network with some of the conference keynotes, speakers, and staff.
  • A 30 minute pre-conference call to provide you customized guidance on how to get the most out of STAREAST. During this call, your STAREAST Concierge will help your group develop a customized schedule based on your needs to maximize your conference experience.
  • A 15 minute meet and greet with your STAREAST Concierge after check-in to recap your group’s customized schedule, address any questions or concerns, and get your team ready to get the most out of STAREAST.
  • A VIP slack channel for STAREAST that provides our VIPs with a real-time medium for addressing problems or issues. This exclusive channel will also contain useful and timely conference information for our VIPs.
  • An exclusive 1-hour consulting session with a testing expert during the conference. Bring your most pressing questions and get some ingenious solutions, sound advice, and free consulting.
  • A 30 minute post conference follow up call (usually held 1-2 weeks after the conference) to discuss the results of your conference and help you plan your next steps for improving your testing process and practices.
  • Two free passes to Friday’s Quality & Testing Leadership Summit. The Summit is a day-long opportunity for test leaders to improve their leadership skills and work with peers to solve leadership problems.

Who are our testing experts?

Testing experts may be speakers, program committee members, or senior test consultants who are also at STAREAST. All have years and years of industry experience in all aspects of software testing, test management, and automation. Your testing expert is assigned based on the needs identified in your STAREAST VIP Program Information Sheet.

Motivate and expand the expertise of your team collectively at STAREAST.