STAREAST - Conference Speaker: Péter Földházi

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Péter Földházi

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer
EPAM Systems
Péter Földházi

Péter Földházi has been working at EPAM since 2012 and moved to the USA in 2019. Most of his experience comes from mobile testing, but has experience in desktop and web testing, along with desktop application and game development as well. He has experience in all levels of test automation. Processes, architecture and customer satisfaction are highly import to him. He is the first European and one of the first people in the World having successfully taken and passed the ISTQB CTAL Test Automation Engineer module exam. He is actively helping the ISTQB by reviewing syllabi of foundation and advanced levels. Peter is also an active speaker, having attended meetups and SE conferences with multiple topics. He used to be a guest lecturer at 3 Budapest based universities: Óbuda, Pázmány and the ELTE universities. Brewing beer and planting chilis are some of his hobbies.