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Gerta Sheganaku

Product Engagement Manager
Gerta Sheganaku

Gerta Sheganaku is a Product Manager for AI/ML solutions at Tricentis where she focuses on building AI based tool that enable testers to focus on the fun parts of QA. Previously to joining the Tricentis R&D team, Gerta has worked with customers of various industries and sizes around the globe to develop strategies in making software testing a key enabler for their digital transformation journeys.

Before joining Tricentis, Gerta finished her M.Sc. in Business Informatics at TU Vienna and collaborated with multiple research departments at TU Vienna as well as Data61 (Australia). Her research received multiple awards and focused on operations research and cloud optimization, combining methods from mathematical programming and process management with the latest container-based virtualization technologies. Gerta has also worked as an IT project manager and business process analyst for a software company in Vienna, where she managed cross-organizational R&D projects facilitating data analytics for manufacturing processes.