STAREAST 2019 Tutorial: Test Data: Mining, Morphing, Managing and Maintaining It!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Test Data: Mining, Morphing, Managing and Maintaining It!

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According to the 2018/2019 World Quality Report, the number one challenge in applying testing to agile development is overcoming the challenges of creating, managing, and maintaining test environments and test data. Over 48% of respondents had issues with test data. As our systems complexity and time to market demands have increased, the appetite for resolving the test data issue can be diminished or be viewed as test data doesn’t really matter. Join Julie Gardiner as she shares the good, bad and ugly of test environments and data, defines an approach to establish where you are in terms of test data maturity and explores ways to improve test data management using simple strategies as well as more sophisticated solutions using tools. Once you know what needs to change, Julie also shares a communication model to convince management and obtain sign off for the investment (whether money, time or people).

Independent Consultant

Julie has more than twenty years' experience in the IT industry, including time spent as a developer, database analyst, project and program manager, test analyst, test team leader, test consultant, and test manager. She is now director of consulting at Hitachi Consulting, providing consultancy and training in all aspects of agile and testing, specializing in risk, agile testing, test management, and people and transitioning issues. She is also a certified ScrumMaster and agile coach. An enthusiastic and motivated presenter, Julie is a regular speaker at agile and testing events and has won best presentation designations at STAREAST, EuroSTAR, STARWEST, ADPEast, STANZ, ANZTB, Innovative Test Management Conferences, and Czech Test.