STAREAST 2019 Tutorial: Pairwise Testing Explained

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Monday, April 29, 2019 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Pairwise Testing Explained

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As testers we are faced with many challenges especially when designing and executing tests. Most problems reside in the fact that we usually do not know which test case design technique to use and more importantly we usually do not have time to run all of our tests. This workshop will uncover what the challenges are with test design and explains the real problems associated with combinatorial testing. During this tutorial Lloyd Roden looks deeply into the two methods for designing tests using the pairwise design technique; Orthogonal Arrays and pairwise algorithms. Pairwise testing helps solve the combinatorial problems we experience. All testers are faced with the problem of testing combinations of variables, systems, hardware and in many instances this could lead to thousands – if not millions of tests. Leave this tutorial with an understanding of how to explain to your managers how you have drastically reduced the number of tests but still have a very high probability of finding the same number of bugs.

Lloyd Roden Consultancy

With more than twenty-eight years in the software industry, Lloyd Roden has worked as a developer, test analyst, and test manager for many different organizations. Lloyd was a consultant/partner with Grove Consultants for twelve years. In 2011 he created Lloyd Roden Consultancy, an independent UK-based training and consultancy company specializing in software testing. Lloyd’s passion is to enthuse, excite, and inspire people in the area of software testing. He has spoken at conferences worldwide including STAREAST, STARWEST, Better Software, EuroSTAR, AsiaSTAR, and Special Interest Groups in software testing in several countries. In 2004, he won the European Testing Excellence award.