STAREAST 2019 Tutorial: Influence Diagrams: A New Way to Understand Testing

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Monday, April 29, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Influence Diagrams: A New Way to Understand Testing

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As testers, we may want to find more bugs, but this may have an unintended consequence for developers: Developers now have more defects to debug, which affects their capacity to deliver new functionality. Isabel Evans has found that influence diagrams provide a simple way to understand and manage the complexities of key interactions among testers, developers, and business stakeholders. In this practical workshop with hands-on activities, Isabel will help you construct and interpret influence diagrams to illustrate typical team and project problems and solutions in testing. With just pen and paper—and plenty of discussion—you will analyze example problems and identify potential solutions, enabling you to understand how to build and use simple influence diagrams in your day-to-day work.

Isabel Evans
Independent Consultant

Independent quality and testing consultant Isabel Evans has more than thirty years of IT experience in the financial, communications, and software sectors. Her work focuses on quality management, software testing, and user experience (UX). Isabel authored Achieving Software Quality through Teamwork and chapters in Agile Testing: How to Succeed in an eXtreme Testing Environment, The Testing Practitioner, and Foundations of Software Testing. A popular speaker and storyteller at software conferences worldwide, Isabel is a fellow of the British Computer Society and a twenty-year member of software industry improvement working groups, and she received the 2017 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award. Connect with Isabel on LinkedIn, Twitter, or her website.