STAREAST 2019 Industry Presentation : Continuous Testing with Continuous Change

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Continuous Testing with Continuous Change

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Today’s development teams are finally becoming agile, building code more quickly and accurately to meet the constantly changing needs of their customers and employees. Faster development is now putting pressure on teams to test code quicker, often within a 2-week sprint, while still maintaining the quality of testing required to confidently validate our software is behaving as it should. This new emphasis on shift-left testing is causing companies to evaluate new tools to get the job done faster and automate as much as possible.

Automating the design/creation/execution of tests, virtualizing services to alleviate testing dependencies, managing/generating test data efficiently, and incorporating performance/load testing before we get to production are all things we’d like to do, but without the proper tools they rarely manifest into realities! Join us for this session as test automation experts Alexander Page and John Boebinger share how continuous testing solutions have enabled automated testing, improved quality, and driven unparalleled efficiencies in the development/testing organizations they have worked with.

John Boebinger

John Boebinger is a Senior Principal consultant at Broadcom/CA Technologies, where he has been for over 20 years. Prior to that he spent 16 years as a Software Engineering Manager at Digital Equipment Corp. At CA Technologies he has been in the Automation, Security, Service Management, and Continuous Delivery business units. For the last five years he has focused in the Continuous Delivery pipeline and the move to shift left the SDLC. He holds a Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve School of Law.

Alex Page

Worked as a developer at FedEx Services for several years writing mission critical event-driven applications in support of global revenue systems, among several other startups. Passionate about solutions which enable continuous delivery in enterprise software development, specifically with service virtualization, test data management, test automation, and model-based testing. I code for fun and I love my cat.