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Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 9:45am to 10:45am

Customer Experience (CX): How to Build an Army of Fans

Your software works well, but that isn’t enough these days. Your customers aren’t coming just for solid software; they are coming for an end-to-end experience with your people, products, and services. An organization that delivers that experience will create an army of enthusiastic fans who promote it regularly; on the flip side, an organization that creates solid software without that experience is an organization waiting to die. Join Stephen Frein as he describes the discipline of customer experience (CX) and how it differs from user experience (UX), both in an overall sense and from the perspective of the quality professional. Learn about Net Promoter Score and other metrics that accurately predict customer loyalty and future behavior. Understand how software quality impacts CX, and explore new ways for quality teams to drive customer-centric results beyond their traditional testing roles.




Stephen Frein

Senior director of quality and customer experience at Comcast Stephen Frein is on a mission to make customer experience Comcast’s best product. For more than fifteen years he has been leading development and testing teams—occasionally well—mostly by dint of accidents he cannot reliably replicate. As an adjunct university professor, Stephen delivers soporific lectures on database development and IT management. He has presented at conferences including STAREAST, the Better Software Conference, and the Agile Development Conference, often by sneaking into unused rooms and deceiving the unsuspecting. Stephen enjoys polluting the hive mind via and other industry publications with questionable editorial standards.