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Matthew Heusser

Excelon Development

Matthew Heusser specializes in software delivery consulting—moving projects to done-done faster. But Matt may be best known for his writing, including serving as lead editor for How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing. A member of the board of directors of the Association for Software Testing, Matt was the lead organizer of Test Coach Camp, the Workshop on Technical Debt. You can follow him on Twitter @mheusser, email him at [email protected], and learn more about Matt at

Speaker Presentations
Monday, May 4, 2015 - 8:30am
Full-day Tutorials
Lean Software Testing: Continuous Improvement with Lower Risk

Lean software testing is a new approach that focuses on improving testing processes and practices while reducing product risk. Matt Heusser outlines how most organizations test now, explores approaches for improvements, and demonstrates lean tools that help you understand software dev/test flow in a different way. Starting with what you are doing now, you’ll learn what to change next and ways to continually improve test activities. Matt focuses on management concepts to measure and improve both the testing and the overall development process. Leave with a solid understanding how lean manufacturing applies to software delivery—traditional, agile, context-driven, and even continuous delivery. Learn to measure the performance of testing, including cycle time, work in progress, touch time, lead time, and the ability to choose and tweak the appropriate measures for the problems at hand.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 1:45pm
Special Topics
Eliminate Regression Testing through Continuous Deployment

Most traditional teams do testing at least twice—once during development as new features are created and again during release candidate testing right before release. As a system grows, regression testing takes more and more time, making tight releases impossible—or at least risky—and adding to the burden of maintaining automated tests. Matt Heusser suggests that adopting continuous integration (with its continuous testing) and continuous delivery (with its associated production monitoring) can eliminate the need for classic regression testing. In addition to advanced strategies like configuration flags and incremental roll-out, Matt describes the change in risks as teams deliver more often, the origins of long regression cycles, and small steps that can have a big impact on software team performance. Leave with examples, stories, things to consider, a possible roadmap—and the information you need to know if the roadmap is worth pursuing.