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Laurent Py


A founder and chief executive officer of Smartesting®, Laurent Py began exploring advanced testing techniques in the 1990s and has extensive experience in software testing. Laurent also has a product management role for Zest, the new testing platform in the cloud, and is engaged with customers to ensure Smartesting products meet the needs of the next generation of developers and testers. He is passionate about lean startups and agility. For Laurent it’s all about using early feedback to test and validate assumptions as soon as possible.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 11:15am
Test Automation
Accelerate Testing in Agile through a Shared Business Domain Language

In agile projects, when the cycle from ideas to production shortens from months to hours, each software development activity—including testing—is impacted. Reaching this level of agility in testing requires massive automation. But test execution is only one side of the coin. How do we design and maintain tests at the required speed and scale? Testing should start very early in the development process and be used as acceptance criteria by the project stakeholders. Early test design, using a business domain language to write tests, is an efficient solution to support rapid iterations and helps align the team on the definition of done. These principles are the basis of acceptance test-driven development practices. Laurent Py shows you how the use of business domain languages enables test refactoring and accelerates automation. Come and learn how you can leverage acceptance tests and key test refactoring techniques.