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Kirk Lee


A QA professional for nearly twenty-five years, Kirk Lee has worked as a QA manager in the United States and overseas at several of the world's largest and most respected software companies. Kirk has worked on consumer software products and SaaS offerings. Currently he is a senior QA manager at Infusionsoft in Chandler, Arizona, where he leads a test department that operates in an agile/scrum development environment. As a certified ScrumMaster, Kirk is dedicated to agile principles and Scrum practices. He is especially passionate about defect prevention and getting QA involved at the very beginning of the development process.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 3:00pm
Test Management
An Ounce of Prevention...

We QA professionals know that the ideal is to build quality into a product rather than to test defects out of it. We know about the overhead associated with defects and how costs grow over time the later in the development process we find defects. If prevention is better than cure, shouldn’t we invest more time and effort in preventing defects? Kirk Lee shares the things we testers can do before coding begins to keep defects from being created in the first place. Kirk explains how to involve QA at the very beginning of the development process where prevention is most valuable. Learn the early indicators that identify and precede potential defects. Kirk shows how timely conversations can locate lapses in thinking. He demonstrates how reviews, thought experiments, and early-design testing can find flaws in advance. Learn strategies, techniques, and processes you can use to prevent defects at every stage of your development process.