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Geoff Meyer

Dell, Inc.

A test architect in the Dell Enterprise Solutions Group, Geoff Meyer has more than twenty-eight years of experience as a software developer, manager, business analyst and test architect. Geoff helps serve the software development practices of more than 800 development, test, and UX engineers across four Global Design Centers. Geoff is an active member in and contributor to the Agile Austin community.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 3:00pm
Agile Testing
Meet Big Agile: Testing on Large-Scale Projects

Are you embarking on a large-scale, globally distributed, multi-team scrum project? Have you already identified the potential testing challenges that lie ahead? Or have you belatedly encountered them and are now working on them in real-time? Five years and more than 200 projects into its agile journey, Dell Enterprise Solutions (ESG) has empirically determined that once a project extends beyond three scrum teams, interesting testing challenges arise—inconsistent “done” criteria, integration testing underscored by epic/story interdependencies across teams, test automation inconsistency, and uncoordinated regression testing. Worse yet, the more teams involved, the less likely it is that a single scrum team has the visibility to validate the overall product from a customer usage perspective as the product evolves through sprints. Geoff Meyer serves up some lessons learned from within the Dell ESG Validation organization as it evolved its agile testing and automation strategies from a waterfall-based environment to one that fully embraced agile Scrum across its entire software product portfolio.