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Erik Stensland

Pearson Learning Technology

Software quality architect for Pearson Learning Technologies, Erik Stensland is leading the technical testing efforts with a concentration on functional, performance, and integration testing. In the software test and quality engineering field for more than twenty years, Erik focuses on implementing innovative ideas around process and tools to help teams become more effective and efficient. His previous roles have included senior QA management positions and QA consultant for Internet startups and DoD industries. A board member for the Software Quality Association of Denver, Erik has been an international presenter at leading testing conferences in Europe and the United States. Follow Erik at and on Twitter @erikstensland60.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 11:15am
Special Topics
DevOps: Where in the World Is Test?

As the world of software development changes, software testing organizations are challenged to be more innovative to match the speed at which software releases are being deployed. The new software industry buzzword is DevOps; so you might wonder if your software testing organization is still important and how it fits in to this new industry trend. Erik Stensland shares his research into what the DevOps model is, the three ways of implementing DevOps, testing solutions for DevOps, and the benefits of DevOps. Erik discusses the major challenges of a DevOps test team and offers solutions to elevate your own testing automation to become part of the daily-automated deployment process. With a real-world example, see how Erik helped Pearson’s engineering team transform itself through technology and new ideas to successfully build a DevOps team that focuses on reliability, repeatability, and quality of features released to market.