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David Dang

Zenergy Technologies

David Dang is an industry recognized automation expert who has provided strategy, design, and implementation assistance to more than one hundred organizations. By designing advanced frameworks that reduce maintenance and increase scalability, David ensures clients get the return on investment they expect from automation efforts. As VP of automation solutions for the software QA and testing firm Zenergy Technologies, David is in high demand for his significant knowledge in HP UFT and ALM, SAP automation, Selenium open source frameworks, and mobile testing.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 1:45pm
Test Automation
Leveraging Open Source Automation: A Selenium WebDriver Example

As online activities create more revenue than ever, organizations are turning to Selenium both to test their web applications and to reduce costs. Since Selenium is open source, there is no licensing fee. However, as with purchased tools, the same automation challenges remain, and users do not have formal support and maintenance. Proper strategic planning and the use of advanced automation concepts are a must to ensure successful Selenium automation efforts. Sharing his experience designing and implementing advanced automation frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, David Dang describes the factors necessary to ensure open source automation is right for your project. David helps you understand the real effort required to implement WebDriver in a way that will scale and minimize script development. Additionally, he dives into must-haves in your Selenium framework design, the resource and timeline considerations necessary to implement WebDriver, and the long-term, continual improvement enhancements all automation engineers should consider in their Selenium automation implementations.