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Anand Bagmar


Anand Bagmar is a hands-on and result-oriented software quality evangelist with seventeen years in the IT field. Passionate about shipping quality products, Anand specializes in building automated testing tools, infrastructure, and frameworks. He writes testing-related blogs and has built open-source tools related to software testing—WAAT (Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework), TaaS (for automating integration testing in disparate systems), and TTA (Test Trend Analyzer). Anand is the lead organizer for vodQA, the popular testing conference in India. Follow him on Twitter @BagmarAnand, email him at [email protected], or read his Essence of Testing blog.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:30pm
Test Techniques
Build the Right Regression Suite with Behavior-Driven Testing

Manual functional testing is a slow, tedious, and error prone process. As we continue to incrementally build software, the corresponding regression test suite continues to grow. Rarely is time allotted to consolidate and keep these test cases in sync with the product under development. If these test cases are used as the basis for automation, the resulting suite is composed of very granular tests that are often quite brittle in nature. Using a case study, Anand Bagmar describes how behavior-driven testing (BDT) can be applied to identify the right type of test cases for manual and automated regression testing. Learn how the BDT technique can be applied in your context and domain, regardless of the tools and technologies used in your project and organization.