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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 9:45am - 10:45am
Special Topics

Using the Cloud to Load Test and Monitor Your Applications

Load testing is often one of the most difficult testing efforts to set-up—in both time for the deployment and cost for the additional hardware needed. Using cloud-based software, you can transform this most difficult task to one of the easiest. Charles Sterling explains how load testing fits into the relatively new practice of DevOps. Then, by re-using the tests created in the load testing effort to monitor applications, the test team can help solve the challenges in measuring, monitoring, and diagnosing applications―not just in development and test but also into production. Chuck demonstrates web performance test creation, locally run load test creation, cloud executed load test to the cloud, application performance monitoring (APM), global system monitoring (GSM), and usage monitoring (UM) for near real-time customer input for your application.

Charles Sterling, Microsoft

Charles Sterling has more than eighteen years of developer tools experience at Microsoft, starting there in 1992 on the phone support team focusing on the Microsoft development tools. Chuck was the product owner for MSMQ and the product manager for the .NET Framework 1.0. After shipping the .NET Framework, he worked in Australia for seven years on community feedback channels. Back in Redmond, Washington, Chuck is a senior program manager in the Visual Studio Test Tools Team in charge of the customer feedback channels and beta releases.

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