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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Test Techniques

Making Testing at eBay More Realistic

Have you had customers report issues that cannot be reproduced in the test environment? Have you had defects leak into production because your test environment is not equivalent to production? In the past, the eBay test environment didn’t mirror production data and had security, feature, and service fidelity issues. Kamini Dandapani shares how eBay solved these problems. They now dedicate a portion of their production environment to enable eBay engineers to do more realistic testing. This includes a highly controlled SOX compliant environment, sharing the same design and architecture as production. The environment has automated build and deployment to achieve eBay’s idea of “operational excellence” and provides the ability to leverage historical data sets from production. Learn from Kamini what goes into building a meaningful “dogfooding” environment, security and infrastructure obstacles they had to overcome, and how to convince stakeholders of the return on investment of such a scheme.

Kamini Dandapani, eBay, Inc.

Director of engineering at eBay Kamini Dandapani has a fast track management career marked by a record of building high performance teams. Sought after as a change agent, Kamini converts challenges and complex problems into opportunities. A hands-on leader in managing large software engineering organizations across a global footprint, she has demonstrated the ability to innovate on product features and engineering systems.

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