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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Special Topics

Game On: Automating Sports Video Game Testing

Sports video games are generally on a short cycle time—tied to the start of a particular sport’s season. Like all video games, the pressure is always on to add more features to sell more games, and the list of “cool” features is endless. Getting buy-in to implement automated testing in this environment can be a challenge. And once you get that buy-in, your next challenge is to ensure it provides significant value to the game team. Fazeel Gareeboo shares the lessons they learned at EA Sports—lessons you can take back to your project. Fazeel describes the sports video game development environment and discusses how you can overcome the reluctance of product owners to spend precious resources on implementing automated testing. Fazeel addresses how to get buy-in from the team and finally how to make your product—game or not—more successful using automated testing.

Fazeel Gareeboo, EA Sports

A software development director at EA Sports Tiburon, Fazeel Gareeboo manages a team that provides automated testing for the studio. Before moving into management, he developed computer aided design (CAD) software and wrote device drivers for Windows and MicroStation, including the first 2048x2048 Windows device driver—for Bill Gates’ house. Fazeel has a special interest in automating any repetitive work and in creating great teams for the kinds of work that computers cannot do yet.

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