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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 8:30am - 9:30am

Extreme Automation: Software Quality for the Next Generation Enterprise

Software runs the business. The modern testing organization aspires to be a change agent and an inspiration for quality throughout the entire lifecycle. To be a change agent, the testing organization must have the right people and skill sets, the right processes in place to ensure proper governance, and the right technology to aid in the delivery of software in support of the business line. Traditionally, testing organizations have focused on the people and process aspect of solving quality issues. With the ever-increasing complexity of the software needed to run the enterprise, testing professionals must adopt technology to help solve some of the most challenging quality issues ever. In short, testing organizations must make the move to extreme automation and become proficient with modern tooling and its benefits. Theresa Lanowitz focuses on new and emerging technologies—proven and successful—to add to the workbench of the test professional.

Theresa Lanowitz, voke, inc.

Founder of voke, inc. Theresa Lanowitz is recognized as a strategic thinker in the application lifecycle, virtualization, cloud computing, and convergence markets. From 1999–2006 Theresa was a research analyst with Gartner where she pioneered the application quality ecosystem, championed the application security space, and identified new and emerging companies to watch. At Gartner, she was the founder and chairperson of the highly successful Application Development conference. Theresa’s professional career began with McDonnell Douglas where she worked on the C-17 transport plane.

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