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Cloud Testing


MB The Challenges of BIG Testing: Automation, Virtualization, Outsourcing, and More SOLD OUT
Hans Buwalda, LogiGear
Mon, 05/05/2014 - 8:30am

Large-scale and complex testing projects can stress the testing and automation practices we have learned through the years, resulting in less than optimal outcomes. However, a number of innovative ideas and concepts are emerging to better support industrial-strength testing for big projects. Hans Buwalda shares his experiences and strategies he's developed for organizing and managing testing on large projects. Learn how to design tests specifically for automation, including how to incorporate keyword testing and other techniques.

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TF Testing Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS NEW
Martin Pol, Polteq
Jeroen Mengerink, Polteq
Tue, 05/06/2014 - 8:30am

Cloud computing has changed the environment of testing. Its use is increasing for hosting business applications (SaaS) and testing (TaaS). Martin Pol and Jeroen Mengerink focus on SaaS, describing the relevant infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS). How do we test performance of the cloud itself? How do we make sure that the continuity of services is guaranteed? How do we cope with elasticity and the philosophy of bring-your-own-device (BYOD)? Martin and Jeroen discuss the risks that arise when implementing cloud computing―some traditional, but others completely new.

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Concurrent Sessions

T16 Mobile Testing in the Cloud
Rachel Obstler, Keynote DeviceAnywhere
Thu, 05/08/2014 - 1:30pm

Today, organizations are rapidly deploying mobile versions of their customer-facing and internal applications. With the prevalence of more agile-based approaches and the challenge of an ever-increasing diversity of devices and OS versions, testers are being asked to accomplish more testing in less time. Rachel Obstler shares how leading enterprises are improving the efficiency of their mobile testing using automation, and how they identify the right processes and tools for the job.

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T21 Using DevOps to Improve Software Quality in the Cloud
Glenn Buckholz, Coveros
Thu, 05/08/2014 - 3:00pm

DevOps is gaining popularity as a way to quickly and successfully deploy new software. With all the emphasis on deployment, software quality can sometimes be overlooked. In order to understand how DevOps and software testing mesh, Glenn Buckholz demonstrates a fully implemented continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) stack. After describing the internals of how CI/CD works, Glenn identifies the touch points in the stack that are important for testing organizations.

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