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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 11:30am - 12:30pm
Test Techniques

The Test Coverage Outline: Your Testing Road Map

To assist in risk analysis, prioritization of testing, and test reporting (telling your testing story), you need a thorough Test Coverage Outline (TCO)—a road map of your proposed testing activities. By creating a TCO, you can prepare for testing without having to create a giant pile of detailed test cases. Paul Holland says that a comprehensive TCO helps the test team to get buy-in for the overall test strategy very early in the project and is valuable for identifying risk areas, testability issues, and resource constraints. Paul describes how to create a TCO including the use of heuristic-based checklists to help ensure you don’t overlook important elements in your testing. Learn multiple approaches for critical information gathering, the artifacts used as input for creating a TCO, and how you can use a TCO to maintain testing focus. Take back a new, lightweight tool to help you tell the testing story throughout your project.

Paul Holland, Testing Thoughts

An independent software test consultant and teacher, Paul Holland has more than sixteen years of hands-on testing and test management experience, primarily at Alcatel-Lucent where he led a transformation of the testing approach for two product divisions, making them more efficient and effective. As a test manager and tester, Paul focused on exploratory testing, test automation, and improving testing techniques.

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